Three Person Team Event

The Dr Samuel Johnson

Langley Green Parade

Tel 01293 410923

Semi Final / Finals - Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Samuel Johnson
Chalk is Cheap - Ryan McCarthy | Jake Davies | George Moore | Ben Stanley
Special K - Adam McSharry | Phil Yates | Lib Vallance | Leroy Hyett
Raiders - Terry Holmwood | Adam Slade | Heath Russell | Gary Davis
Bucks Fizz - Jordan Geen | Ben Prentice | Ben Teagle | Joe Nulty

Please contact your opponents if you are NOT attending.

Please see the bottom of this page for game rules.

Please Text WINNER Result To ADAM MCSHARRY on 07584 065023.

Printable Results Sheet


Matches to Start by 8.00pm

Captains to toss for Home / Away then toss for break once first three names are entered.

Captains call elect to change a player after 3 frames or 6 frames, but a rested player may not play again

Players not present when called will be eliminated.

Table costs to be split

Dates may be added/amended as required