League Doubles

The Rugby Club

Willoughby Fields, ifield.

Tel 01293 533995

Sponsor of League Doubles and in association with Fosters who are sponsoring the divisional Singles for all 3 divisions. An excelent venue for all functions and home of no less that 4 pool teams. The heart of Rugby in Crawley hosting many major events and players from an international level. 2 pool tables, darts ad monthly poker nights. home to the comedy club.

Round 2 (Best of 3) - Tuesday 8th March 2022

Doubles. Scotch doubles format to be played as best of 3

1 pair to go through to next round from each group.

Rugby Club
Lib Vallance | Adam McSharry (Organisers)
John Westbrook | Mark Peters
George Moore | Peter Jacob
Marty Lynch | John Bending
Ben Teagle | Joe Nulty (Organisers)
Nick Hagan | Jay Messenger
Shane Bambridge | Steve Constable
Ben Gardner | Paresh Nayee

Round 1 (Best of 3) - Tuesday 1st March 2022

Doubles. Scotch doubles format to be played as best of 3

1 pair to go through to next round from each group.

Rugby Club(1)
Nick Hagan & Jay Messenger (Organisers)
Danny Hains & Jez Biggs
Jonny Pollexfin & Luke McManus
Dave Patrick & James Collins
Dan Alderman & Russell Harmer
Stuart King & Martin Vizard
Brad Karitzis & Ben Ireson
Rugby Club(2)
Craig Beeston & Dave Cheeseman (Organisers)
Mark Stevens & Shane Moore
John Westbrook & Mark Peters
Gavin Edwards & Stuart Allen
Jordan Reilly & Jason Reilly
Ryan Towner & Michael Kelly
Adam Slade & Tyler Bryant
Jubilee Club
Terry Holmwood & Heath Russell (Organisers)
Gavin Reed & Tyler Reed
Dan Joyce & Ryan Moore
Shane Bambridge & Steve Constable
Rob Gibney & Dav Northay
John Peacock & Wes Hillier
Robin Jacobs & Jimmy Spears
Lib Vallance & Adam McSharry (Organisers)
Ben MacConnell & Neil Astridge
Dave Fry & Marek Kozlowski
Andy Brill & Adrian Hales
Pat Joyce & Luke Poynter
Danny Surch & Paul Watts
Ben Gardner & Paresh Nayee (Organisers)
Ron Webster & Marlon Bacchus
John Davidson & Wes Botting
Cliff Berry & Roy Leagas
Stephen Masters & Niall Roe
Mitch Cassleman & James Senra
Apple Tree
Peter Rowe & Colin Finlay (Organisers)
Nathan Pincott & Ryan Baines
Ryan McCarthy & Jake Davies
Del V William & Ian Lawson
Neil Simpson & Darren Woodings
George Moore & Peter Jacob
Jordan Green & Ben Teagle (Organisers)
Phil Yates & Leroy Hyett
Jane Morley & Rudi Simon
Leon Watson & Ash Lane
John Penalver & Kevin Penalver
Nickie Adams & Sam Prentice
New Moon
Marty Lynch & John Bending (Organisers)
Steve Mulvaney & Tom Mann
Mickey Norman & Alan Ruston
Brian Challis & Dave Cotton
Phill Hunter & Nigel Ritchie


Scotch doubles format applies

Organiser to draw from venue list whether players are present or not

All matches are the best of three frames. Except in the final which is the best of five frames

Table costs to be shared

Matches to be drawn by 8.00pm.

All matches drawn at venues with more than 1 table, 2 tables may need to be used in order to get matches finished.

Players not present when called to play will be eliminated.